Like the real game, with no limits

Atrasis is the first private server for Clash of Clans that allows you to play the game with all the features and without limits. Our servers are always up to date with the latest version of the game.

Feature 1

All Clan Features

Create your own clan, invite your friends, and fight against other clans. Our servers support all the clan features like clan wars, clan games, capitals, and more.

  • Clan Wars & Clan War Leagues
  • Clan Games
  • Clan Capitals
Feature 2

Active Community

Our community is very active and participates in monthly season, clan wars, and other events. Join us to fight against other players and become the best in the game.

  • Monthly Season & Leaderboards
Feature 3

In-Game Commands

Our servers support in-game commands that allow you to manage your account and your clan. You can use commands to attack specific and random bases, give yourself resources, and more.

  • Self & Random Base Attack
  • Give Resources
  • Give Troops & Spells
Feature 4

Global Chat

Use our global chat to communicate with other players and share your base designs. Our chat is moderated by our staff and is a safe place to talk.

  • Moderated Chat
  • Share Base Designs
  • Share Tips & Tricks
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